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Welcome home (not so) little ones!

As an accredited zoological facility, we put animals first – always. That’s why when two pairs of orphaned siblings lost their mothers in tragic accidents, we stepped in to ensure they had a place to call home. Without a mother to provide protection, food, and care, young animals have a slim chance of surviving in the wild. Recently, two Alaskan brown bear cubs and two puma kittens have become the newest additions to our Zoo family! It is our utmost priority to ensure these critters are well-cared for and content in their new surroundings. With your donation, we can provide the daily care, nutrition, and enrichment these animals deserve!

Speaking of new surroundings, construction has officially started on the first phase of Bear Country!

The old bear den and other exhibits on the West side of Kingsbury Creek are currently undergoing renovations. Once complete, the bear cubs and puma will have brand new spaces to explore this fall! This is the first phase of the Bear Country project and the second phase is slated to begin construction this winter with an anticipated opening date in the first half of 2020. Exciting things are happening at YOUR Zoo and your gift helps support our mission and ability to save more animals!

Did you know it costs $75 a day to feed two bear cubs?

That number will only grow as they get bigger! Your gift will help care for the cubs, puma, and the rest of the animals that call the Lake Superior Zoo home.

We want to thank you for your support by giving back to YOU!

Donors like you make it possible for us to make a positive impact in the lives of not only animals and nature, but also educating over 20,000 people per year on the importance of conserving wildlife both here and around the world. To thank you for your support, we are offering exclusive gifts and experiences!

  • $1-$99: Name on designated plaque at bear exhibit
  • $100-$249: All of the above and commemorative photo of puma and bears
  • $250-$499: All of the above and a behind-the-scenes tour for four to meet the new puma
  • $500-$1,499: All of the above and a behind-the-scenes tour for four to meet the new bear cubs
  • $1,500+: All of the above and an invitation to exclusive grand opening event

We are excited to watch the bear cubs and puma grow up and can’t wait to share the memories with you. Be the first in Duluth to meet the newest additions by donating today!

Our Mission

To provide close-up animal experiences that inspire connections to wildlife and action toward conservation in our region and around the world.