Zoo Crew

About Zoo Crew

Ages 13-17

Zoo Crew is an educational program for ages 13-17 that provides a hands-on experience with animal care, conservation education, and zoo operations. Teens learn how to handle and care for animals, work alongside zookeepers, and teach zoo visitors about wildlife and conservation issues. The teens we select for this program must show desire to interact with and talk to the public, take direction well, and work hard.

Zoo Crew members are selected based on an application process. Applications are due by April 30 every year.

Participation Requirements

  • Zoo Crew runs for 10 weeks during the summer: June 17 – August 22, 2024.
  • Participants must be available to attend:
    • One evening orientation with a parent/guardian on Zoom (early June).
    • One morning or afternoon shift during the first week (June 17-20) for an in-depth orientation.
    • One morning or afternoon shift for at least 6 other weeks during the summer (you may choose which weeks).
  • Shifts are available Monday-Thursday. You may choose from morning shifts (9 a.m.-12 noon) and afternoon shifts (1-4 p.m.). You do not have to come for the same shift every week.
  • Choosing to participate more frequently (all 10 weeks, full days, or multiple shifts each week) is an option and depends on space availability during any given week.
  • The fee for participation in this program is $150 plus $10 for a t-shirt. The fee includes training, supervision, activities, supplies, name tag, behind-the-scenes tours, and educational seminars.

What Teens Are Saying

“Zoo Crew has provided me with lifelong friends, irreplaceable experiences, and crucial connections for my future. It has taught be to become a well spoken public educator and has given me more confidence in my leadership skills.”

“Zoo Crew mixed learning, activities, and fun into one of the most efficient ways for me to learn. It was a life-changing experience. Zoo Crew has allowed me to do things that I never thought I’d have a chance to do. It has shown me potential career options and ideas for college.”

“The skills improved on in Zoo Crew are super useful, no matter what your goals are. Responsibility, independence, and talking to new people are all skills you need to succeed in life.”

“Zoo Crew has enabled me to grow and learn at my own pace, giving me skills that help with public speaking, a greater sense of empathy towards both animals and people, and a wide array of other skills.”

“Zoo Crew has had a big impact on my life. Personally I think it’s one of the most important things I’ve ever done. I have learned many things including [animal] husbandry and how to educate visitors. I’ve developed skills in public speaking which is something that was really hard for me before I joined this program. I like being able to share my passion for animals with visitors. It’s also been good to meet other people my age and have friends with similar interests.”

To Apply:

We are no longer accepting applications for summer 2024. Please check back next spring.

For more information contact:

Sarah Wilcox
(218) 730-4500 ext. 214