Programs & Camps

Our Educational Programs

The Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth, MN offers year-round educational programs designed to connect people with animals and the natural world.

Homeschool & Preschool Programs

Treat your kids to a wild learning experience! Explore wildlife while participating in hands-on activities, tours, and animal encounters.

School Break & Evening Programs

Looking for something for your children to do on a school holiday? Want a date night or some alone time? Send them to the zoo!

Summer Camp
& Zoo Crew

Lake Superior Zoo summer day camps provide a fun and safe setting where youth can make both human and animal friends.


Zoomobiles are a fun, interactive way to introduce students of all ages to animals without having to leave your community!

Field Trips

A visit to the Lake Superior Zoo will inspire student learning and add “life” to your curriculum!

Lake Superior Zoo School

Zoo School is our nature-based preschool for children ages 33 months to 5 years old! We offer year-round full time and part time options.