You can make a difference simply by recycling your old cell phone!

When gorillas are on the line, it’s up to us to answer the call! The Lake Superior Zoo is partnering with other organizations to help save gorillas by collecting donations of old or use cellphones and small electronics as part of the Gorillas on the Line from Saturday, February 1 through Thursday, April 30. While we don’t have gorillas at our Zoo, we fully support the fight to save gorillas!

Did you know that smart phones and other small electronics contain coltan, a mineral that is mined from the areas where endangered gorillas live? By recycling your old mobile phones and other devices, you can help reduce the demand for coltan and protect gorilla habitat in Africa! The mining of coltan threatens the places where not only gorillas, but also champanzees, okapi, and other endangered species live. By donating your used phone or small electronic devices, the coltan can be re-used and will reduce the need to mine for the mineral in those habitats.

YOU and your school, organization, or business can collect as many cell phones and electronics as possible in support of gorillas conservation. Last year, over 260,000 people joined in the efforts collecting 12,486 devices and raising $6,055! For 2020, the goal is to collect 20,000 devices and engage 200,000 children and community members in gorilla conservation action.

What can you recycle?

Small electronics:

• Any type of cellphones (even old ones)

• iPods & iPads

• Tables

• MPS players

• Handheld gaming systems

• Smart watches

Want to be a recycling location?

Please contact Jackie Fallon to learn more!

Email Jackie

Call 218-730-4500 ext. 212