Preschool Programs

The programs listed below are educational options for preschool classes visiting the school on a field trip.

Animal Programs

Length: 30-45 minutes
Cost: $50 per group of up to 20 people, plus admission
Maximum: 20 students per program

Animal programs are engaging, hands-on presentations that feature three live ambassador animals. Choose one of the topics below that best fits your learning.

  • Animals in Motion – Jump, slither and crawl along with the animals and learn how and why they move the way they do!
  • Creature Coverings – Students will uncover the world of animal skins, scales, feathers and fur by taking a close look at animal coverings and how they help animals survive.
  • Frogs & Turtles – Explore these favorite animals up close and learn what makes them special!
  • Super Senses – Students will use their senses to explore the world just like animals do. Through sight, sound, smell and touch, examine how your senses compare.


For more information, please contact:

Augusta Grumdahl
(218) 730-4500 ext. 205