Zoo Staff

Chief Executive Officer

Haley Hedstrom ext. 203

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Director of Business Operations & Zoo Photographer

Heidi Beal ext. 201

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Director of Animal Management

Lizzy Larson ext. 103

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Director of Education/Preschool Director

Sarah Wilcox ext. 214

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Director of Guest Experience

Samantha Halligan ext. 204

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Gift Shop ext. 200

Guest Experience Manager – Events

Guest Experience Manager – Memberships & Horticulture Coordinator

Allison Pribnow ext. 202

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Guest Experience Manager – Custodial

Dylan Kettner

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Guest Experience Manager – Gift Shop/Cafe

Tarryn Bennett

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Marketing Manager

Caroline Routley ext. 211

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Veterinary Technician

Amy Gallagher ext. 101

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Education Programs Manager

Augusta Grumdahl ext. 205

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Outreach Programs Manager

Erin Tone ext 210

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