The Lake Superior Zoo offers five exciting and engaging internship programs! The goal of the Lake Superior Zoo Student Internship Program is to provide pre-professional, on-site experience for students interested in captive husbandry management or environmental education.

We are strongly dedicated to our mission of facilitating understanding between people and the Earth and conserving the environment. Our actions embody these concepts so that we may cultivate positive change in the world.

Animal Care Internship

We have revamped this program, look here for more details.

Send questions to;
Emily Perala
Lead Zookeeper
218-730-4500 ext. 104 |

Education Internship

Education interns will assist educators in teaching about wildlife and conservation through on-site and off-site presentations featuring live animals and animal artifacts.
Education Intern Position Description
Education Intern Application

Send application and required documents to:
Sarah Wilcox
Director of Education
218-730-4500 ext. 214 |

Veterinary Technician Internship

Veterinary technician interns will assist veterinary staff in the medical care of zoo animals through hands-on practice of learned veterinary technician skills.
Veterinary Technician Intern Position Description
Veterinary Technician Intern Application

Send application and required documents to:
Amy Gallagher, CVT
218-730-4500 ext. 101 |

Application Requirements

• Cover letter
• Resume (education, previous employment/experience)
• (1) Letter of reference
• Complete internship application

Your application is not complete until all four items are received.

Deadlines for Application

Session DatesDeadlines
Summer Session: Mid-May through August (all internships)March 15 (February 15 for animal care)
Fall Session: Mid-September through December (animal care & vet tech only)August 15
Spring Session: Mid-January through April (all internships)December 1

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