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Animals - Asian Caravan

Amur Tiger - Ussuri
Panthera tigris altaica
Range: Amur region of extreme eastern Russia
Habitat: Primary forests in steep, rocky mountainous woodlands.
Diet: Deer and pigs mostly. At the zoo they eat 15-20 pounds of AAA feline diet five days a week.
Fun Facts:
  • Amur tigers were once called Siberian tigers but their name has changed because their range is limited to the Amur peninsula.
  • A tiger can eat as much as 70-80 pounds of meat in a single night.
  • Even though a tiger is considered a skillful hunter, it will only catch prey once out of 19 attempts.
  • The sense of smell is used primarily for marking territories and locating other tigers.  To hunt, tigers rely on sight.
  • Usually 2 cubs are raised every other year. The cubs stay with the female for 2 years and are full grown at 3 years.
  • Man is the primary enemy of Siberian tigers.

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