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Angolan Colobus - Kelly, Kero & Kraemer 
Colobus angolensis
Range: Central Africa
Habitat: From lowland and bamboo forests to savannahs and swamps.
Diet: Seeds, young leaves, and unripe fruit. At the zoo they eat fruits, vegetables and leaf eater biscuits.
Fun Facts:
  • Colobus are highly social and live in groups ranging from 2-16, and up to 50 individuals.
  • They are diurnal and prefer the highest forest strata.
  • Surprisingly, there has been little grooming observed among group members, which is common among primates.
  • Colobus means "mutilated one." They received this name because they are missing a thumb.
  • The major threat to survival is habitat destruction, hunting, and live capture for trade or sale.

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