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Pygmy Goat - Mugsy & Spats
Capra hircus
Range: It is believed that this species originated in Africa, but it has been widely exported. They now range through Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Habitat: Usually found in rugged mountain country and plains.
Diet: Roughage in the form of legume and grass, hay, bark, dry leaves. At the zoo they eat flake hay.
Fun Facts:
  • The earliest known documentation of domestic goats is from 8,000-9,000 years ago in S.W. Asia.
  • They prefer herd life and need the competition of pushing, shoving and banging on one another.
  • They can adapt to virtually all climates.
  • Coat length and density vary with climate.
  • Male goats can have a strong odor while females have less odor. Both males and females can have horns.

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