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Animals - Barnyard

Indian Peafowl - Zion & Seven (males)
Pavo cristatus
Range: Originally from Southern Asia, India, and Ceylon.
Habitat: Clearings near wooded areas.
Diet: Snails, frogs, insects, grains, grass, and bulbs.
Fun Facts:
  • Males are called peacocks while females are called peahens.
  • Peacock trains are used for attracting mates and scientists have found the greater the number of eyespots, or ocelli, a peacock has the greater his chances are of attracting a mate. This is because the more ocelli a peacock has, the healthier he is found to be.
  • It takes a peacock up to three years to develop his train.
  • In Sanskrit their name means "killer of snakes" because they kill young cobras.
  • They have been domesticated for about 2,000 years and now live in parks and in the wild all across North America.
  • They travel in small flocks along the ground during the day. At night, they perch in trees.
  • They can fly, but are only capable of short bursts of flight.
  • During mating season, the peacock will display his fan to attract the female peahens. After mating season, he will molt the showy feathers that make his fan.
  • The female usually lays about 10 eggs in a nest made on the ground. 

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