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Animals - Asian Caravan

White-Naped Crane - Niles & Maris 
Grus vipio
Range: They are migratory birds. They winter in southeast China, Korea, and southern Japan. They breed in Siberia, Northern China, Mongolia and southeast Russia.
Habitat: Summer: marshes, lake depressions and boggy upland wetlands. Winter: lakes, farmland and coastal mudflats.
Diet: Seeds of grasses and grains, occasionally they eat insects, snails, worms and small aquatic animals. At the zoo they eat crane diet and vegetables.
Fun Facts:
  • A white-naped crane family will stay together through migration.
  • The males and females look identical but can be distinguished by their call. The female will start the call and the male will then join in with his wings raised over his back. Their duet can be heard for about 10 seconds.
  • They have a courtship dance that includes circling, bobbing their heads and throwing objects into the air.
  • The adults are about 4 feet tall and weigh 15 lbs.
  • The white-naped crane is vulnerable due to habitat loss. 

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