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Animals - Asian Caravan

Snow Leopard - Kiran
Uncia uncia
Range: Central Asia, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, the Himalayas, and China.
Habitat: Alpine meadows above the tree line.
Diet: Mammals from as large as ibex or wild sheep to as small as mice and birds.  At the zoo they eat AAA feline diet.
Fun Facts:
  • A large male snow leopard weighs about 200 pounds and stands about 28 inches tall at the shoulders.
  • In the wild these cats are active both day and night. In captivity these cats are generally more active at night.
  • Snow leopards are excellent jumpers, capable of long jumps of 6 to 15 meters (15-45 feet) through the air.
  • Two to five cubs are born in a hidden den in the late spring or early summer.
  • The snow leopard is classified as a small cat because it does not roar like a big cat and its pupils are shaped like a small cat (vertical slits rather than circles).

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